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Acupressure that is applied to the reflexes on the feet that correspond to the various organs, glands and bodily systems. The benefits are numerous including relieving pain (back, knee, etc), increasing circulation, relieves insomnia, migraine and arthritis pain to name a few. Reflexology is great for just keeping your immune system functioning and for health maintenance. Only the footwear is removed and it is non-invasive. This method sends a message to the affected area and to the brain which will interrupt the pain cycle, change the cellular memory and increase circulation. Warm towels and a leg massage completes the session. Usually 1 hour sessions but 1/2 hour sessions are available for a specific area of treatment. For those with sensitive feet, Hand Reflexology is an alternative. Great for Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis. Please inquire. 


NEW - Limbic Reflexology - I am excited to offer this treatment. i have completed the course and am now a Certified Limbic Reflexologist. This method is beneficial for Chronic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, and more. Please see above menu for more details.

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)

I am 1 of 2 Practitioners in the Maritimes who was trained with Sally Kay of Britain with her award winning of treating Lymphedema either caused by removal of lymph nodes due to Breast Cancer or by a compromised lymphatic system. It has also been shown to be beneficial for inflammatory disorders such as Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, etc. This gentle procedure is done on the feet with only the footwear removed and it is very beneficial for those who can not tolerate the body being massaged due to pain or sensitivities. 


I offer a combo of therapies as requested by you.



Sound sessions for 2 or more people.

Please Inquire


I completed this course with Barbara Scott of the UK. This method is used to help couples track and balance their fertility with the Reflexes on the feet so they can conceive naturally.  This method also helps with Hormone Balancing and managing Cysts. There is an assessment done for both parties and it is recommended that both the male and female attend the sessions as more males are experiencing infertility but, of course, the treatments can be done for the female only.

Gentle Touch Reflexology - Palliative Care and Cancer 

                                                           -  Children and Babies

This is a gentler approach to pressure specifically for those receiving treatments, in Palliative Care, the Elderly, sensitive skin issues and for those who just prefer a gentler touch. This method can also be used for children and babies. You will receive the same benefits from this method. Please inquire.

Hot Stone Reflexology

This is a 1 hour session where Hot Jade Stones are massaged into the calves and on the reflexes on the feet. This is a very relaxing treatment that is great for stress and pain in those areas as the heat relaxes the muscles in a shorter period of time. A cream massage and warm towels finishes off the treatment. A back and arm treatment is also available.


I am a Reiki Master/Teacher in Western Reiki and a Okuden Level in Jikiden Reiki. This is an ancient Japanese modality that works on the premises that all things are energy beings and when our energy is low due to stress, illness, injury or environmental issues, it can compromise our immune system. This is an non-invasive therapy that is done on a massage table and no clothing is removed. It is the laying on of the hands on specific areas of the body that will bring your body back to a relaxed state so it can repair and start the healing process. Very Effective for Anxiety, PTSD, illnesses, etc.

Treatment of Pain 

This method of treatment addresses pain with a series of specific protocols that address the tension in the body, the nervous system, and balance the endrocrine system. While working with the painful area, ice and movement methods may be used. This treatment is getting positive feedback.

Sound Therapy
I am a Certified Sound Therapist who uses Crystal Singing Bowls, Native Drum, Tuning Forks, Toning and Chanting to balance the body's frequency. This is also to balance the body's energy and may remove stress, anxiety, pain and strengthen the immune system. Our bodies are 70 - 80% water and sound travels faster in water thus causing a ripple effect within our bodies. Sound Therapy is being used more in the medical field. It is being used more in cancer treatments as studies show that by reaching a certain frequency of sound, it can cause a cell to open and be destroyed. Fascinating studies are being done on this. Sound Therapy is being used to help alleviate stress in the corporate world. Sessions can be individual or for 2 or more parties. Please inquire.

There is a specialized Reflexology protocol for Plantar Fasciitis. It has been shown to relief pain for this condition. Please inquire.

The fees and length of sessions can vary due to individual requirements. Please inquire by calling 902-691-4148 for more info and to make an appt. **An inquiry can also be made on my Facebook page. Just like my page and private message me. **

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