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This is a Reflexology Protocol developed by Dr. Carol Samuel, PhD of the UK for treating Pain caused by the Cancer and its Treatments. She is a scientist and her research is evidence based.

Cancer Treatment is invasive and can have both short and long-term effects. These effects may appear years after the end of treatments. The most common types of Pain due to an underlying malignancy and due to treatments are:

1) Persistent Post Surgical Pain.

2) Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy.

3) Radiation Toxicity Associated Pain.

4) Biopsies and Drain Interventions.

Less Common Types are Graft vs host disease, induced neuropathy and Arthralgia.

In this protocol, I work with the Spine and Brain Reflexes on the feet. By doing so, I am accessing the Central Nervous System. The Spinal Cord is the most important area for working out the answers to tissue damage and pain. When our body is alert to a dangerous situation, it is the Spinal Nerves that receive the first message and relays that message to the Brain.

Dr. Samuel is a Cancer Survivor herself and she is the only person to receive a PhD in the Scientific Evaluation of Reflexology for Managing Pain. See for more info on Dr. Samuel. I am very humbled and blessed to be able to provide this treatment to those in need.

"To complement this, it is suggested that a more comprehensive model of managing cancer pain is needed that is mechanism-based and multimodal, using combination therapies including interventions where appropriate, tailored to the needs of an individual, with the aim to optimize pain relief with minimization of adverse effects."    Pain Medicine 2010: 11 : 872-896

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