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A recent text sent to me from L.G. These testimonials

are so important to me and I am very appreciative to

those who take the time to forward their thoughts to me.

This is why I keep doing what I do. 













** Pat is amazing at what she does! She helped me with my headaches post concussion almost instantly after our Reiki Session. I also became pregnant first cycle (2 seperate times), after our Reiki sessions, (which was my goal). Would 10000% recommend!

- A Skinner

**I've been going to Pat's Natural Touch Therapies - Reflexology, Reiki, Sound Therapy for awhile now and it's been a hugh help. I've tried all of her different services & I've really enjoyed seeing the different ways that they help me to relax. I highly recommend giving all of the therapies that Pat offers a try because you might be surprised to what you respond to. Her appointments are one of the only times I can feel my mind & body truly switch out of fight/flight, and I always feel better after seeing Pat. Relaxing doesn't come easy to me and Pat has always been very focused on helping me get there! She's professional & kind, and you can genuinely cares. Thanks Pat! - J Anderberg 


**I wasn't sure what reflexology was, or what it did, but I happened to have won an hour session gift card so I gave it a try.

Pat asked me if I was having any issues anywhere, and I told her my lower back was always sore.

I couldn't believe the relief I felt after our first session. I now see Pat every month for maintenance on my back.

I can honestly say that Pat's reflexology is much more effective than any other treatment method that I have tried over the years for my back..

I highly recommend Pat's Reflexology.  Bob H - New Minas.



**Absolutely! She is well qualified and willing to tackle any issue! I've had so much pain with sciatic in hip and leg! She helps a lot! I really enjoy 1/2 reiki and 1/2 reflexology treatment! Very rejuvenating and relaxing!!! - Linda B - New Minas.



** On Jan 22/15, my son underwent a surgery at the IWK hospital in Halifax to repair his airway due to a web on his laryngeal folds. The surgery was successful, however, in order for the repair to heal, they required him to be sedated and ventilated for several days. When the surgical team attempted to extubate him, his airway spasmed shut. They tried several times no success.

The medical and surgical teams were in consultation with others across the continent. The final recommendation was to give our son, Kelton, a tracheotomy in order for him to breathe on his own. His main surgeon indicated that Kelton's tissues were very swollen, red and sore. She said that we would be possible looking at 9 months to a year of him living with a trach. The day after the tracheotomy was performed, I contacted Pat to see if Reiki could be sent to him from a distance. Prior to the surgery, we had a discussed arranging a local Reiki practitioner to come into the IWK to provide Kelton with Reiki, but it slipped my mind. When I contacted Pat to give her an update on Kelton's condition, I had asked about the other practitioner to see if they could assist with his healing after the tracheotomy. She automatically said that she would send him Reiki from a distance. I provided her with his full name, DOB, and his location. She

indicated that she would start sending Reiki that night (Feb. 9/15).

1 week after the trach was installed in Kelton's airway, the surgical team went back to the operating room to take a look at his airway. The surgeon was so excited after seeing his progress, she had to show me the pictures they took during the scope. With the exception of a small bit of swelling and redness, his airway was almost normal. The laryngeal folds were visible land distinct. The progress surprised the surgeon because children with 22qll deletion often have very reactive tissues and take longer to calm down. By Feb 23/15, the trach had been removed from his airway.

I personally attribute the success of Kelton's healing to Pat's incredible commitment to helping Kelton. Without the Reiki treatment, I believe Kelton would have faced a long road of healing.

Pat is a wonderful human being with a beautiful heart. She has a special gift that can be felt whether you are in the room with her or from a distance. I am so grateful for all that she has done for both of us and especially for Kelton. 

If you have any questions for me, please do not hesitate to contact me. ( I can provide her info upon request -Pat)


Janice Sanford

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