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Oncology Reflexology

We do not treat the cancer. 


Our purpose is to "treat the whole person". We are there to Reduce Stress, Alleviate Anxiety and to Improve the Quality of Life.

An Oncology Reflexologist helps with the Healing of the Mind, Spirit, Heart and Body. 


Oncology Reflexology is a gentle "Butterfly Touch" therapy designed for those newly diagnosed with Cancer, those undergoing cancer treatments, those residing in a Hospice and for the caregivers of the above. 

I completed this course with Marie Duggan of Butterfly Touch Therapies of Britain. She designed this course to empower therapists to adapt their skills to support patients with a cancer diagnosis. She started her journey in therapies in 1994 when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and how much her mother appreciated the touch and the valuable "me time" given to her while she was undergoing treatments.

I lost my sister, Shona, to cancer back in 2015. If I can provide relief and make someone's day a little easier for them through this therapy treatment then I would feel blessed to be able to do so.

Benefits:  Counterbalance the effects of Stress.

                    Encourage deeper and easier Breathing.

                    Provide Gentle Relaxation - Ease Pain.

                    Improve Circulation and and Joint Flexibility.

                    Boosts the Immune System, calming Adrenals                          and  releasing endorphins.

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